Coaches may want some additional advice on how to use the Field Hockey Curriculum for Players & Coaches. Players may want some feedback on how they are doing their skills.

The FHCPC offers a video conferencing consultation service for those who have enrolled and paid for a course. You pay in advance to reserve your consultation appointment which is based on fifteen minutes of video conference time. A Coach Consultation can be fifteen minutes or thirty minutes. A Player Consultation is fifteen minutes only.

When you make your request, please explain as much about why you are seeking a consultation as the more information you provide in advance is helpful. Please do not email any videos or other documents when you make your request as we will not open them. Once your appointment is scheduled, then we will communicate with you about the confidential sharing of information and how the video conference will occur. 

If you are interested in a Coach Consultation, please click here

If you are interested in a Player Consultation, please click here

A player or coach who is under eighteen years old, must copy a parent or legal guardian on all emails and a parent or legal guardian must participate in the video conference.

Until September 30, 2021, we will not charge a fee for a video conferencing consultation. We will conduct two FREE coach consultations and two FREE player consultations per week.


We are available to conduct an On-site Clinic for a team or a group of coaches. If this is of interest, please click here.

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