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The Field Hockey Curriculum for Players & Coaches is based in Toronto, Canada. The FHCPC is founded and led by Peter D’Cruz, a serial entrepreneur & investment banker in his day job and a field hockey coach & player the rest of the time. Peter’s hockey coaching background and coaching philosophy is presented in the introductory free course Why The Field Hockey Curriculum for Players & Coaches.  Peter writes articles on coaching and how to improve hockey for the leading media site for hockey, The Hockey Paper.

The impetus for the creation of the FHCPC was feedback in late November 2020 from a coach in Europe who found the curriculum on the Youth section of the website of the Toronto Field Hockey Club. This was the feedback received:

“Several weeks ago you granted me access to your videos as given in your TFHC Field Hockey Curriculum. This is an unbelievable resource, I haven't seen one like this in my 24 years of coaching in The Netherlands, England, Germany and now in Switzerland.”

The coach was sincerely interested in using this “unbelievable resource” so the only way to deliver the curriculum beyond its local use meant the Field Hockey Curriculum for Players & Coaches online solution had to be created and the knowledge shared.

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