The Field Hockey Curriculum for Players & Coaches partners with coaches, clubs and associations.

Coach Partners

First, coaches, clubs and associations can have the FHCPC curriculum designed to fit their learning process. The re-design may include resequencing the lessons, adding new lessons and/or deleting lessons. For example, a course could be designed and presented as “ABC Hockey Club of City, Country, COURSE”

Second, coaches, clubs and associations can have their own proprietary coaching curriculum delivered in the FHCPC online learning environment.  These courses can be general or very specific and can vary from the learning of skills, team tactics, specialist skills, physical training for hockey or psychological training for hockey.

A national governing body could choose to have its formal coach certification program delivered in a professional on-line learning environment on the FHCPC site.

In the above cases, the coach partner’s course is not just available to their club or community, anyone in the hockey world can sign up and learn from their course.

Third, hockey educational lectures and research papers on hockey can be delivered in the FHCPC.

If you are interested in a Coach Partnership, please click here.

Officiating Partners

Every player and coach should understand the rules of hockey and how they are applied. This education should be part of the development of every player.

The FHCPC is interested in partnering with parties who have the rules of hockey education content designed to develop umpires, but we also seek content designed to educate players and coaches versus just umpires.

If you are interested in an Officiating Partnership, please click here.


What the Field Hockey Curriculum for Players & Coaches will NOT do is the hosting of “video clips” of hockey. Social media platforms are designed to provide hockey entertainment content such as games, game highlights, player & coach interviews and “tips and tricks”.

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