All Field Hockey Curriculum for Players & Coaches courses are designed to serve players and their coaches.

Let's start with the free course, Why The Field Hockey Curriculum for Players & Coaches, to learn about the coaching philosophy, purpose and the decades long development of the Field Hockey Curriculum for Players & Coaches courses.

The Level One Fundamentals courses and the Hockey Fundamentals for Schools puts proven quality hockey education content in the hands of new and young players and the people who coach them.

Level One Fundamentals

  • Level One – U13 and older
  • Level One – U9 and U11 (a subset of Level One for U13+)
  • Library of Video Lessons

Level One Control Skills Fundamentals

  • Experienced Youth, Adult and Masters players

Level One Goalkeeping Fundamentals

  • For clubs & schools

Hockey Fundamentals for Schools

  • Fundamentals for Schools
  • Library of Video Lessons

The Field Hockey Curriculum for Players & Coaches follows a Long-Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD). 

  • Level One – Fundamentals are the skills that all players learn first.  
  • Level Two – Fundamentals builds on what is learned in Level One.  
  • Level Three – Decision Making shows how the fundamentals are used in the game situation. 
  • Level Four – Group Play shows how team play in attack and defense is implemented using the fundamentals. 
  • There is additional information incorporated in each level – Practice Guidance Manual, Drills, Practice Habits and Mini-games.

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