The Field Hockey Curriculum for Players & Coaches is a place to learn about hockey. 

The FHCPC charges a subscription fee to have full access to its courses. The fees support the on-going management and the continued development of educational content. An additional source of revenue of the FHCPC is on-line player and/or coach consultation.

Since we charge a subscription fee, there is no advertising on the FHCPC. We don’t promote field hockey equipment, shoes, clothing, field hockey camps, etc., and there isn’t an FHCC e-store to purchase any kind of product. 

The Field Hockey Curriculum for Players & Coaches is a social good enterprise. From the outset, Ten Percent of the revenue from subscription fees will be used to locally support young people playing field hockey (and other sports) and then support youth field hockey initiatives further afield. Our interest is to provide opportunities for young people to be involved in sport (hockey first of course), enjoy it and remain fit and active for life.

The FHCPC will formally engage with associations and clubs so that our Ten Percent pledge can be Given Back to the association or club from the subscription fees for each person from their organization that enrolls in the FHCPC’s curriculum (does not include the Schools curriculum). If you are interested in learning more about our Give Back pledge for your youth programs, please click here.

We Share, We Grow, We Enjoy