The Field Hockey Curriculum for Players & Coaches is not a communication exchange platform between users of the site, i.e., we are NOT a social media platform, and we don’t conduct ourselves on social media sites. 

The Internet should be a SAFE place for athletes, coaches & parents just like when attending a hockey session or a game and so is the FHCPC.

Your privacy is our priority so although we are a Canadian enterprise, we are guided by the privacy legislation of the European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), on how we conduct the FHCC service. 

When you agree to sign up to the FHCC, you accept our Privacy and Terms & Conditions of Service agreements which are listed at the bottom of each page.  Key points from these two agreements are:

  1. We only collect the following personal information you give us which is a first and last name, an email address, city, state or province, and country. We do not ask for any other personal information such as a complete address, birthdate, age, phone numbers, etc., to enroll in our courses.
  2. You are NOT able to communicate on the site with other people enrolled in our services and when using the course materials therefore your personal information can never be shared via our site.
  3. We may send you emails about our site and related course(s), registration, course content, your course progress or other updates. We may also use your email to inform you about changes to the course, survey you about your usage, or collect your opinion. We will not use your email for any other purpose and nor will your email be shared by us with any third party other than payment processing companies.
  4. Children under 13 years of age are only authorized to use the service through the registration of a parent or legal guardian. For those under 18 years old and older than 13 years, they may use the service only with the approval of a parent or legal guardian.
  5. We do not offer refunds after payment is completed to enroll in a service.  The no refund policy is noted on the website pages and in the FAQS on the Payment Checkout Page because we allow a Free Preview for the Paid For courses which provides a “Try Before You Buy”.

If you communicate with us via email, our policy is stated on the Contact Us page which states:

“If you are under eighteen years old, you must copy a parent or legal guardian on all email correspondence.”

“All correspondence with the FHCPC will remain private where neither the sender nor the receiver shall publish any information exchanged including contact information without the expressed written authorization of the other party.”

If you communicate with us via video conference, we only use a video conferencing service that fully adheres to GDPR.,  We will not use any other video conference service.

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